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Address: Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University At Lima, Lima, OH 45804

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Syllabi of Courses

Stat 133 Stat 145 Stat 245 Stat 427
CIS 101 CIS 200    
MN 330 MN 331    
Math130 Math 148 Math 150 Math 151

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Department of Mathematics at OSU-Lima

Fisher College of Business

Department of Mathematics (Columbus)

Department of Statistics

Department of Computer and Information Science

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Selections: Interesting and informative sites including theory and applications of statistics.


Click Here For Tariq

Statistics (Online resource on statistics)

Linear Programming (Brief history and other information)

Queuing Theory (Some examples)

TI -82/83 Calculator Resources (Includes tutorials and other helpful links)

MINITAB (a very useful software for statistical data analysis)

Dictionary of Computer Terms (for everyone including gurus, the novices, and the naive)

MikTex (a software for typesetting in LaTex)


The syllabi are generic in that they contain general information about textbooks, covered chapters, prerequisites, grading policies, etc. Specific information about schedule of covered chapters, home work and computer lab assignments, testing materials and schedules of quizzes, tests, etc., will be announced during the quarter the course is offered.  It is our hope that this will provide you with a better overview of the course(s) you are looking at.


Last Edited: May 04, 2006