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Campus Tour:

Trees in many areas of the campus have been marked with brown plastic signs indicating the tree's scientific and common name. A short walk between the Galvin and Reed Hall faculty parking areas will pass by many tree species, including those specifically marked on the map below. Each number on the map represents a different tree species, each described in the following web pages and each physically marked with a brown plastic sign. Additional tree species not specifically shown on the map also have signs and some are described at this web site.

A free brochure that duplicates the contents of this tree identification web site is available from the Communications Office. The brochure includes the walkabout map, tree descriptions, natural area trail map, and black and white drawings of leaves.

The Ohio Division of forestry has an excellent TREES OF OHIO web site with lots of color illustrations.

Walkabout tree location map.

For each tree species on the walkabout map there is a link to a nice color leaf picture and a short description. You can start at the beginning with #1, or you can go directly to a particular tree species.

#1. Hawthorn
#2. Honey Locust
#3. White Ash
#4. Sycamore
#5. White Pine
#6. Canadian Yew
#7. Buckeye
#8. Hop Hornbeam, or Ironwood
#9. Shagbark Hickory
#10. Swamp White Oak
#11. Slippery Elm
#12. Cottonwood, or Eastern Poplar
#13. American Beech
#14. Bur Oak
#15. Austrian Red Pine
#16. Red Maple
#17. Eastern Redbud
#18. Tulip Tree
#19. Scotch Pine

The following are additional important and common tree species on campus not specifically indicated on the map.

Basswood    Sugar Maple    Black Walnut    Box Elder    Red Oak

Please email brochure requests as well as comments and suggestions concerning this Lima Campus tree identification web site to the Communications Office.