At the Lima Asylum, one of our prominent psychologists has gone mad!
On a nightly basis our mad psychologist has captured students from the OSU campus and committed them to the Asylum for an indefinite amount of time. We here at the Lima Asylum are looking for a few dedicated students to seek out and commit this mad psychologist to the asylum before all the students are gone.
Whoever can identify him before being captured themselves will receive a reward.

The Rules:

  • There is a $5.00 fee for each player due before the second week of Winter Quarter or at the "Asylum" meeting - watch for more info on the date of the meeting.

  • At our meeting during the 2nd week of the quarter all players will draw to see if they are one of the Players or the "Mad Psychologist"

  • Anyone telling others their title (Player or Mad Psychologist) will be disqualified and will have ruined the game - so don't tell!

  • The Mad Psychologist may only commit a player when they are alone and can do so by saying the key word to that player: "Straightjacket"

  • Once a player is committed, that player needs to fill out a "committed slip" and put it in the Asylum box in the Psychological Resource Center (GA 135) so that the bulletin board can be updated in a timely manner.

  • Players may check the status of other players by checking the Psi Chi Bulletin Board around the corner from the Psychological Resource Center.

  • Those "In Play" will have their figure on the board with the player's name and their picture.

  • Those "Committed" will have their figure in the Asylum and be wearing a straightjacket and the date of their committal.

  • If you think you know who the Mad Psychologist is, you must confront them in front of one of the committed players

  • If you are right you win 20% of the treasure

  • If you are wrong, you are now committed, so think carefully!

  • To win:

  • The mad psychologist will win the pot by committing every member of the game except one

  • The mad psychologist will win 20%

  • The last player will win 10%

  • If a player correctly identifies the mad psychologist before they are killed and when there are still a minimum of 3 players in the game, then that player will win 20% of the treasure.

  • The remaining funds will be split between Psi Chi and the Psychology club.

Good Luck and Have Fun ! ! !