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June 27, 2014

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Ohio State Lima students receive public anthropology awards

Two Ohio State Lima students recently received the Public Anthropology Award in the Center for Public Anthropology North American Competition. Angela Medina, Lima, and Madison Reiman, Maineville, were among more than 4,000 students from 24 schools who participated in the competition.

"I think students come away from this project better writers, more critical thinkers and better global citizens," said Stewart Jobrack, lecturer in anthropology at Ohio State Lima, who has assigned this project to his introductory courses for the past two years. "It’s important to me that students see anthropology as something more than some course they took in college and remember later just as a source of fun facts about exotic people. Anthropology has applications in the real world."

The North American Competition is part the of Center for Public Anthroplogy’s Community Action Project, which provides an interactive venue for intellectual exchange and activism. Students write professional-style Op-Ed pieces and publish them on the web where legislatures, members of the media and fellow participating students are invited to read and evaluate the pieces. Students from anthropology classes across the US and Canada evaluate the essays. Each student, in turn, anonymously evaluates four other student essays from around the country. This peer review process helps students think critically about the issues and gives them the experience of writing for a larger audience, beyond the classroom, beyond their school, in a way that attracts attention and serious consideration. By connecting with students’ own experiences, the Community Action Project makes anthropology come alive.

"Simply participating in the project teaches students that they are global citizens with a responsibility to think about some of the issues that come up in research with human subjects, and that they have a responsibility to express their opinions," said Jobrack.

Medina and Reiman’s Op-Eds can be found at http://www.publicanthropology.org/CAW/14-Spring/1-CAP-SJ-osu.htm.