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Marcella, by Mary Augusta Ward

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Marcella was published in 1894 by Smith, Elder Publishers, in England, and simultaneously in the United States by Macmillan Publishers. After being out of print for most of the 20th century, the novel has recently been reissued by Broadview Press, edited by Beth Sutton-Ramspeck and Nicole B. Meller.

This site supplements the Broadview edition of Marcella published by Broadview Press in March 2002. The site contains material not included in the Broadview edition because of lack of space, as well as illustrations from the 1911 Westmoreland Edition of the novel and other materials to enrich a reader's understanding of the book.

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Material to Supplement the Appendices in the Broadview Edition of Marcella

	Appendix C. The Composition of Marcella.

		Mary Ward, from A Writer's Recollections Vol. 2, Chapter V, "Marcella"

	Appendix D: Contemporary Responses to the Novel

		A List of Reviews of Marcella, 1894:
		[W. F. Barry], from "The Strike of a Sex"
		"A Word With Mrs. Humphry Ward"
		"Marcella and Pembroke"

	Appendix E: Late-Victorian Poverty and Socialism
		Fabian Tract: The Case for an Eight Hour Bill
		George Bernard Shaw, The Basis of Socialism: Economic

	Appendix G: The New Woman

		Eliza Lynn Linton, "The Wild Women as Social Insurgents"
		To an "Advanced Woman"

	Appendix H: The District Nurse in Late-Victorian Period

		H. Mary Wilson and R Wilson, from Hospital Nursing

	Edward Hallin's Reading: the allusions in Book 4, Chapter 2

		Matthew Arnold, "Thyrsis"
		Benjamin Jowett, "The Immortality of the Soul"

The Settings of the Novel

What does Marcella look like?

Illustrations of the 1911 Westmoreland Edition of Marcella

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