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Call for Research Proposals

This faculty committee is charged with fostering research on the Lima Campus. The committee manages a campus research fund, currently at $15,000 per year. It also makes recommendations regarding research leaves, and nominates the Outstanding Scholar. Generally only tenure line faculty are eligible for the materials under the control of the committee, and its role is merely advisory: all final distributing of funds, leaves, and awards is made by the Administration.

Membership (Academic year 2005-2006):
Professor Duane W. Roller, Chair
Associate Professors David Adams, Ivo Herzog, Eric Juterbock, Mark Kleffner
Assistant Professor Tom Ingersoll

The members of the committee are elected by the Faculty Assembly; each member serves a two year term. The board is organized into two classes of three members, so that only three expire in any one year. Any member of the Faculty Assembly is eligible to serve. (Click here for information about the duties of the Research Committee.)

For more information about research opportunities and funding sources available to faculty on The Ohio State University's Lima campus, follow these links:

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Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award

OSURF (The Ohio State University Research Foundation)

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